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We can help you protect your home and family from the negative aspects that pests bring with them

when they share our homes with us.


We are not a company that performs “cookie cutter” pest control where the protocols followed in every situation are just like the last situation and the next situation. While the pest does not change from place to place the environment they are adapting to does change from home to home. After all, your home is different than your neighbor’s, right? We believe that preventing future outbreaks is just as important as managing current problems.  Simple prevention techniques include making your site less attractive than other locations in the area.  In many cases, simply removing or limiting access to food, water, and other resources will cause the pests to seek out these resources elsewhere.


If you are experiencing a pest control problem, please contact our office to be connected to our specialists who will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and devise a strategy to eliminate the issue.  On behalf of Hatfield Pest Control, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


In a complicated environment like a hotel, where every guest, employee, provider, contractor, or visitor could be importing pest issues into a very low tolerance environment it is important to have an expert pest control company on your side.  While it is crucial to your establishment’s reputation to be ready for the reality of Bed Bugs other pests can be just as important to the hotel’s reputation and guest satisfaction. Working together with Hatfield Pest Control could keep pest outbreaks from becoming pest infestations.

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